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Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Avicii, Alexander McQueen, Junior Seau, Robin Williams are just a few of the ones who decided that living was too much of a burden and decided to move on to another plane. They were celebrities. They had fame, fortune … in many people’s eyes, they had everything. And yet…. They chose to move on.

Pauline, Rose, Jonathan, Paul, and oh so many unknown others chose to take that same road. They go, many times, unmentioned in the news. They too found life to be unbearable.

Their loss saddens us. The known ones and the unknown ones. The thing is, suicide leaves us with questions. There may be a note or none, but neither will give the satisfactory answer to the question WHY? Everywhere, on the news, social media, adverts, billboards we see the message to call this number. We are here to help. Sadly many won’t. Can't. Don't know how.

Depression is a mental health issue. Many do not want “that label.” Many do not know they have it. Many are ashamed. Many do not have insurance and could not bear the cost. (Insurance in America is expensive and coverage lousy) Hence they won’t seek help. The thing is, if for the dead there is relief, for the survivors there is guilt. Lots of anger and guilt. And the inability to understand the WHY remains.

Nowadays, society is set up to talk through devices and gadgets. People “hook” up; On dates or outings, the phones are out. I have seen people at a restaurant texting instead of talking to each other. AI is in. Personal relations are out.

Be there for one another; make sure to have that number of the hotline on hand take the time to listen to each other; And more importantly, live your life with each other instead of alongside each other. Loneliness, that deep, deep feeling of loneliness and sometimes isolation is what -in the end- kills.

May the Gods be between you and harm, in all the empty spaces you must walk.

Depression is a mental health issue, and it needs to be addressed. Now. If not the suicide epidemic will continue, as will the mourning.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

tel:1-800-273-8255 #Suicides #SuicidePrevention

#Suicide #SuicidePrevention #Reflectionsandstuffcom

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