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A Quest for a Conversation

A conversation on Facebook caught my attention today. The question: Could a Social Democracy work here in the US? I am not asking if it works in general because we all know it does in certain European countries. I would like to know if it could work here in the USA. Thoughts?

While I think there is a slight possibility of success, one cannot overlook that it would be very difficult for a distinct layer of the US population to change the deep and ingrained social concepts of what it means to be an "American" .... as in …see MAGA .... A social democracy may evoke thoughts of Democratic Socialism and therefore be a way to a fairer distribution of wealth. To attain this would require a more generous and sympathetic culture than the actual one permeating the United States in this day and age.

Using the Nordic model [Sweden, Denmark, Norway mostly] as an example we must understand first that those countries are not socialist and that community involvement in a whole lot more than the so called “entitlement” programs is necessary. Adherence to “sharing” or “Paying into” to create a fully democratic and equal society will not suffice.

Democratic socialism is understood to be - a political ideology advocating a democratic political system alongside a socialist economic system, involving a combination of political democracy with social ownership of the means of production. [Sic] - and seems to imply that all should be owned by the people in equal shares and dues. Whereas according to the Nordic model, countries run as market economies, common understandings are reached and carbon reduction, sustainability, recycle and reuse... health, living conditions … become the norm. It substantially reduces poverty and crime. Yet it requires active community involvement.