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About Relationships

Winter is ending. Spring is underway. And love is in the air. Beginnings are wonderful. Nothing is as exhilarating as the initial stages of falling in love. Thinking and believing you have found "THE ONE" is exciting and wonderful. But it can also turn that lovey feeling into an all-consuming obsession, leaving you unable to think about anything else than your lover and change an intelligent, self-sufficient being with a solid head on his/her shoulder into a needy and insecure person. But, if you make it to stage two, and live together or get married, take this into consideration and remember …

1/ ... to care for each other and to keep talking to each other. Love does not make one clairvoyant. Let him/her know what you think, and more importantly, what you mean. Don't let misunderstandings drown you.

2/... to be equal partners. Always. In everything. If you decide to have children, raise them together. You made them together, so you, sure as hell, should raise them together.

3/... that having arguments or having a fight does not mean that love has died. It does not imply you have to start thinking of divorce. and threaten the other with divorce.

4/... to listen to each other. Respect each other's views.

5/... to never stop showing each other affection.