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Addendum: My 8 Should Read Books' List

A huge fan of Fantasy, I own and have read many of the great ones: Tolkien, George RR Martin, Robert Jordan, Goodkind, Lewis, LeGuin, Hobbs, Pratchett, Brooks, Sprunk, Gaiman, Gabaldon, Sullivan, Barclay …. Need I name more …. The following must read ones may not be as well known but they are surely worth a few hours of your time. I wish you a great journey!

1/ Roberto Bolaño (Chile)


The last novel by Roberto Bolaño, released in 2004, a year after Bolaño's death. Its themes are manifold, circulating around the unsolved and ongoing murders of women in Santa Teresa, a violent city inspired by Ciudad Juárez and its epidemic of female homicides and a strange and elusive German author. The story is written in five parts, each of them loosely connected sections, each of which could stand as a novel in their own right. Santa Teresa is the main theme throughout the book. Other settings and themes include the Eastern Front in World War II, mental illness, journalism, breakdown of relationships and careers. A strange book indeed. I found out, later, that Bolaño wanted the novels to be published separately, a wish ignored by the executors of his estate. 2666 explores degeneration in the 20th century through his characters, different time periods and more importantly, stories within stories. (Note: I read this book in Spanish, and have not read the English copy)