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Album of the week : Miracles and Light

Silvanus Slaughter

....PUMP THE BASS. "You will find in the Absolute No TV and no business suits. No call for ache and no sad lament. And what is Now is what Heaven sent." |||| FREE LISTEN at

A must listen to album by an very talented musician. The perfect music to serve as background for a relaxing Saturday afternoon, nestled in a comfy chair with the latest ...Oh....I don't know ..... Roberto Bolaño, or George RR Martin, or even the latest comic ...

........I compose in many genres, but I'm fundamentally a troubadour with a guitar and piano, a singer-songwriter who dances between storytelling and confession. The art of fusing influences and styles has always fascinated me, as well as the beauty of language. While I never use samples, one should not be surprised to hear a tune that somehow marries Glam and Country with Electronica, Psychedelic Soul and the vibe of Bernard Herrmann composing for Martin Scorcese. I'm always looking for the frame that the spirit of my songs demand, which then dictates my arrangements. I look to mentors and talented friends like my co-producer Patrick Currin to help realize this intention...

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