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Art on a Stick: Simple Brilliance of Leonardo da Vinci and Francisco Goya

Leonardo da Vinci* has always fascinated me; Albeit not as much for his paintings than for his brilliant and exuberant mind. I thought him a genius in the purest sense of the word. For a little

rebel like myself, he was a most attractive subject in art-history class. His creativity surpassed many. Like many innovators before him, and many after him came from standing at *{Sic} “… the intersection of the humanities and technology.” He had an unquenchable curiosity that would lead him to the path of many visions and inventions. He did not leave many paintings (because he did not finish many) but he left us a certain mysticism that permeates to this day. Probably the main reason I absolutely adored the tv show Da Vinci’s Demons … Oh well, I am nerdy like that.

Much like Leonardo, Francisco Goya* was a genius in his own way. Though not one to be known to voice his thoughts, it is clear that his feelings are abundantly represented in his paintings. Did I also mention that he was stone deaf? Recognized as one of the last Old masters and the first of the moderns, he made a huge impression on me after seeing a series of prints called “The Disasters of War.” Dark and broody, it was noticeable that the Peninsular War started by Napoleon in 1807, left him with some severe Ptsd. (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome)

This period includes a Wide variety of paintings dealing with insanity, asylums, religious

persecution, political corruption, witches and fantastical creatures. The black paintings painted on

the white walls of his house clearly show his disillusion with the political and social developments in Spain. Watch Goya’s Ghosts to have an idea of who he was. I tell you, Javier Bardem and Natalie Portman are magnificent in it. A stunning movie.

I often loathe the fact that I am bound by a 350 words’ limit. (a rule that I sometimes break – with a viable explanation -- 😉 ..). This is one of those times. Therefore, visit a museum, watch a movie, or read a book. Until next time. Namaste!

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