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"To enjoy freedom, we have to control ourselves."

–Virginia Woolf--

As things have been slowly evolving, illusions have become the new reality. We are living in a double-sided world; One where all is fine and back to normal and where the mere mention of COVID19 elicits non-substantiated remarks and another one where people are starting to come out of isolation albeit while following the guidelines established by medical professionals and public health officials.

These have not been easy times. In the United States, we are nearing the 100,000 death mark, and while some are comparing the numbers with other official numbers relating to deaths by accidents, heart disease, the flu, and others, we must not forget that these numbers of deaths have occurred in 4 months. The truth is, there could have been less if only the ones in charge would have listened to the ones who said what should be done. I can but express sadness for all the lives lost during this time.