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« Les chefs-d'oeuvre ne sont jamais que des tentatives heureuses«

“Art, for art’s sake, is an empty phrase.

Art, for the sake of the truth,

For the sake of the good and the beautiful,

That is the faith I am searching for.”

--Georges Sand--

I was supposed to be back with a column a couple of weeks ago, but then a few things happened. I had started writing my piece about Halloween and Nicky Boehme’s Halloween art when I remembered I mentioned in my last column that I would tackle Orwell’s “1984” and talk a bit about Suzanne Valadon, a French artist born on September 23, 1865 in

Bessines-sur-Gartempe, France, whose subjects included mostly female nudes, female portraits, still lifes, and landscapes.

the violin case 1923 Valadon - National Gallery CC License - for non-commercial/editorial use only

Mostly self-taught, Valadon never attended the academy. Rumor has it that she was in a short-lived affair with Eric Satie (whom we will discuss at a later time too). It may be interesting to know that she is the mother of Maurice Utrillo, a famous painter too, mostly known for his cityscapes. More about these folks at a later time. 😊

Anyway, Let it be known that I never finished the piece I was writing because my computer drive decided to crash (first time ever since I’ve owned computers 😉), and it took a week to fix. It turns out I found out how hard life is without a working PC. Yes, I have a tablet. And yes, I have a phone … but neither could replace my laptop. I shelved the column, for now (I intend to talk about Orwell and Valadon in my next one) and figured that with Thanksgiving around the corner, a bit of “thankfulmindness “ (please do not look up the word as I seriously just made it up 😉) would not be misplaced. And as it stands, I have a lot to be thankful for. I have a home (one