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Civility, or the Art of Living Happy

It is unbelievable how the dynamics in my little town change come November. I live in Florida and that is precisely the month the “Northerners” a/k/a retired people running away from the cold start literally flooding our towns. Mind you, I have nothing against the fact that people are trying to escape the cold.

I get it. But a handful of these snowbirds are nothing more than negative and mean-spirited bullies believing they have “earned” the right to complain and disdain.I get it, getting old can bring on some challenges (to put it mildly 😉), but for crying out loud, it does not have to mean that niceness becomes nastiness and that crabbiness must replace happiness. This is Florida. This is the South. People here are usually good-natured and mellow. All is brighter. Lighter. Southerners love life. So, for us, having to deal with universal grumps is a hard thing to do.

Being nasty and mean, complaining and disrespectful boogers demands a lot of energy. It does not allow for smiles. It involves running over people with buggies at the supermarket, hearing them complain about how slow everything is here, how people are so lazy, how prices are so high (even though they are probably much lower here than they are in their own state). How everything lacks something and how everything is better where they come from. If that is the case, what are you doing here? Watch them stop in the middle of the parking lot (right in front of your parking spot when you are itching to leave, honking to signal them that and getting the finger for it. – yes yes, they do that too. It has happened to me. Often.).