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Fascism: The politics of Us Vs. Them

I am a firm believer in the freedom of thought for all. That belief includes the respect one is owed to the other thinking person. While I usually do not engage in any kind of political debate on this site, the death of Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi, a Saudi Arabian journalist, and the subsequent response of our president has prompted me to make an exception to my own rule.

Let me start by saying that I love this country dearly and that I have always seen it as “the beacon of light” in an often very dark world. That is until recently. That love of country has not gone. It has, though, shifted towards a serious questioning of the ethical and moral implications we as a people are allowing this government to dump on us. Because let us be real, what is happening right now is not ok. It is not right.

We live in a land where one either belongs to the right or to the left. Moderation seems to have taken the emergency exit and has left us with nothing but extremism. I cannot believe that many of us are embracing Fascism and are perceiving it as a perfectly acceptable form of governing. Let us not forget what Fascism really is: a type of radical authoritarian regime characterized with strong nationalistic dictatorial power where forcible suppression of opposition is policy and strong regimentation of society and of the economy are the norms. It came to prominence in Europe in the 20th century. The first fascist movements emerged in Italy during World War I, then spread to other European countries. Fascists oppose liberalism, Marxism and anarchism,

;fascism is placed on the far-right within the traditional left-right spectrum.

It is not a movement whose leaders we should condone, and what is happening right now, right here, must be dealt with before it spreads the cancer that it really is. Already, a large enough part of the population has fallen victim to many of the present’s false narratives. Misinformation is at an all-time high. And it’s coming from within. It is simple. What is happening right here, right now is similar to what is happening in other autocratic countries. We must not let that happen.

We all are humans. We are not all good nor are we all bad. The same thought courtesy must be extended to the peoples of other countries. We are one people. More alike than different. Yes, the economy is good. We all want it to last. Democrats are not evil. They will not destroy the economy any more than the republicans will. But you must see that the rich are the ones getting more affluent. Including the new swamp. You must understand that the middle class is struggling, living from paycheck to paycheck. Struggling to pay the mortgage and the bills. Often thinking that the American dream has passed them by. Ethical barriers have been thrown overboard. Emoluments are a thing of the past. There are now blind trusts that are not blind. And just for the record, being a democrat does not make you a "mob inciter" any more than a respectable Republican. The inciters are the movements on the fringes, waiting for trouble. Loving to get themselves a little riot. Do not put us all on the same boat. They are not us nor do they represent us and what we stand for. What they do, my friends, does not account to change. It is nothing more than public rioting. Democrats do not hate you because you do not think like them. Neither does the respectable Republican. I should know. I have been married to one for over two decades, and love is strong. What kills us, what kills the “entente” is the hatred being thrown left and right. The endorsement/promotion of violence (and yes it really seems to be an endorsement/promotion coming from way up high, which by the way, no campaign rhetoric should justify such endorsement/promotion.) Sticks and stones matter. But words matter too. They really do.

I may lose some followers for writing this column, and I may get some flak for even bringing up the issue. (I’m afraid I also went over 350 words) The thing is, agreeing with the current state of affairs amounts to acquiescing to be on the path of autocracy. It is not the path of the many. It is the path of a minority afraid of change, willing to sacrifice true freedom for whatever “peace of mind” it may bring them. It will not work. Not wanting to being a globalist should not lead to being a citizen of a country governed by an autocrat. That is not the solution.

And last but not least, do your civic duty. Find out about the issues. I will not be posting any websites for I do not want to be accused of being biased. Find your own information, but read about it from different perspectives. Fox News, Breitbart, MSNBC, or CNN are not the only sources available. GET OUT AND VOTE.

In the meantime, Be healthy, Stay safe, Have a fantastic week. Namaste. #Fascism #SameAsDifferent #GetOutAndVote

#Fascism #Reflectionsandstuffcom #SameAsDifferent #GetOutAndVote

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