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Good things happen too, sometimes!

So much is happening in the world. It has been a year that certainly topped everything in public decency. It has been a year of ups and downs … more downs than ups. A year marked by the less than stellar behavior of the new Administration, with lies rolling, alternative facts reigning, morality eroding, wars looming, misdirection … have made it hard to focus on anything but that: bad or breaking news.

But good things too, happen. Sometimes, local stations and newspapers report them, but I'd gotten so enthralled with the stress of the 24-hour repetitive TV newscasting that I -no doubt- missed more than one of those. Hence, I decided last week to stop watching the likes of CNN, MSNBC, FOX [Yes, sometimes I watch FOX for a different perspective ;( ], BBC, FRANCE 24 [and I forget some] all day long.

Instead, I choose one or two morning programs, after which I turn the television off and go for my daily walk. The TV stays off until the evening news. It is hard. It was addictive. I forgot there is a world out there. And more than one voice to be heard. I was stressed all the time. Anxious. All the time. News nowadays does that to you!

I started checking the internet more thoroughly, and realized there were great little stories deserving of a spot in the limelight. Take the one about the single mom [whose husband died of cancer] with five kids who managed to graduate college with a Juris Doctorate. Her picture with her five kids holding “We did it too” signs went viral and made the evening news. A remarkable success story. Or the one about the Virginia State Trooper who rescued two bear cubs after momma bear was hit by a car? And the fact that a couple of tourists from Ohio helped