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I am Thankful

Thanksgiving week is always a busy week. This year though, it went quite smoothly for me. For us. You see, this year, Thanksgiving was not at my house.

Earlier this year, my daughter moved in with her boyfriend. This, of course, entails that holiday visits were to become double trouble for them. During earlier conversations, the kids observed that it would be great for the families to meet and greet. Given that we are in the process of moving (even though it has already been pushed back twice for “construction delays 😉) it occurred to me that the kids’ house would be THE place to have a “little” get together over turkey and mashed potatoes. I mean what better time to meet the significant other’s parents? Right? It turns out that I had no idea what I was talking about.

The small get together turned out to be a gathering of 20. In effect, all immediate family. And it was great! We all brought food. Some cooked the turkey (which, by the way, was excellent), and others things like potato salad, green bean casserole, corn, sweet potato casserole, deviled eggs (OMG, those were so good that I ended up eating 8 halves. Vaya cholesterol!! (Oh well, I rejoiced and will pay the price for that: nothing but healthy and healthier food for the coming weeks) and desserts. There was, of course, the traditional pumpkin pie, some jellied fruit salad (which was quite tasty, even for the European that I still am deep down) cherry salad (also in jello but with cream cheese and nuts topping) and those heavenly, yes heavenly, pecan pies. They were my absolute favorite. The food, as you can tell, was great.

The family we met was too. Getting to know people can at times be awkward but there was not much awkwardness to find here. We connected on many levels and had a blast playing marbles (the game, not the little boys’ marbles’ thingy …).

What a fun game. Probably because I won every single one I played. (beginner’s luck I guess 😊, but it felt great to win for a change as I am the ordinary family game loser) My husband taught some of them Mahjong. We did miss one person though, Leyna, who is spending her Thanksgiving in Ghana, working on her Fulbright research. We hope she had, in an African way, a wonderful time too. All in all, we had a great time and cannot wait to get together again same time next year.

V and Z3 were most gracious hosts, and all I can say is that their very first large-scale family party was a great success. That said, it is time for me to go (I’m over the 350 limit – again – Grrrrr …. But Oh well, it’s about Thanksgiving after all.)

In short, I’d like to state that I am thankful for my life, family and friends alike. Nothing can beat that. I hope that all of you can say the same.

Holiday Season has officially started. Until next week. Namaste. #Thanksgiving #HolidaySeason #MarblesBoardGame

#Reflectionsandstuffcom #Thanksgiving #HolidaySeason #MarblesBoardGame

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