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In Art …. There Was Vincent ….

Last weekend I did not much more than sketching -- lying languidly on my country chic sofa … (it’s not really country chic but it sounded better than “tacky couch” or “ugly leather couch”) -- while also watching “Loving Vincent,"

the first fully painted animated feature film. Quite a feat and beautifully done. With a cute story to walk you through it, the film talks about his final days, and the circumstances (possible and real) of his death. Van Gogh, a highly emotional being, lacking self-confidence and struggling with his identity and with direction, was a man of many internal struggles, was born as the son of a pastor in Zundert (the Netherlands) on March 30, 1853

He seemed to have had a strict though happy childhood with his 5 brothers and sisters. Not much is kno