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"Abandoned" ©NLew 2021

"It is not so much where my motivation comes from but rather how it manages to survive." – Louise Bourgeois (French-American artist best known for her large-scale sculptures and installation art.)

The struggle to stay motivated through all the intricacies of life with all its ups and downs is real. It is so much easier to ignore that little voice telling me to get to work and blame my lack of "enthusiasm" on the lack of "inspiration." But the truth is that inspiration never really disappears if one actually takes the time to experience life in its fullness. Looking and seeing may seem to be simple mundane tasks, but they actually require a willingness to take the time to observe and see with the eyes of a newborn. Life and everything in and around it is like a spectrum of brilliant, dark, shady, groovy, moody, gray colors. Exploding and always evolving.

"The River" ©NLew 2021

"Every artist was first an amateur." – Ralph Waldo Emerson