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In times of war, true colors show ….

It is indeed during times of hardship that people start showing their true faces. Often, it is not a pretty sight. But other times, it is heartwarming to see the kindness and helpfulness of people. No long rant today on my side. Just a shoutout to all the medical professionals, delivery people, people in jobs deemed essential, food workers, pharmacists, store clerks …. daycare people, teachers resorting to online instruction … Thank you for your service. Thank you for taking care of us, making sure that we have all we need.

Until tomorrow peoples of the page. Enjoy Day 8 of the Isolation Journal. Check in on your neighbors; talk to your friends and family. Do not lose your mind. And please, o not panic. Heed the guidance from the professionals who know what they are talking about. Not the ones who pretend they do. This is not forever. This too, shall pass. Be kind; be safe; namaste.

ISOLATION JOURNAL | A Southern Strategy |Day 8|

A little voice inside told me not to delay my car inspection another day even though I wanted to stay in bed and listen to the rain. I was certain a "stay-in-place" order would be coming down soon.

I dressed and brewed a double espresso, then put on my gloves and attached a mask so that I could position it in the event I found myself too close to persons. I only had two quick stops to make before returning home.

My sprightly singing mechanic, Benél, effectuated quick and official processing of my car. He kept an appropriate distance, but there were others in the parking lot who were still living in a world that ceased a week ago. A group of men sat huddled on a corner across the street, and a friend joined them with less concern.

A woman got out of her automobile, seemingly unaware of where she stood in space, and when she saw me wearing gloves, she became alert, found her balance, and claimed her own spac