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It has been quite the week.

Morning walk - On the shore of the Indian River. Can you see me?

Since last June I’ve been writing about us buying the crazy tiny house buy at the beach and our serious intent to fix it up and move there. Well today, we’re here. As a matter of fact, we’ve been here a week now. And what a week it has been. From hectic preparations to loading everything on the truck in a semi-organized fashion to arriving at the tiny house and finding out we would need to rent a storage unit ... (realizing that no way would all our – yes, already heavily culled—possessions fit in this little place, to realizing (as in really recognizing… ) that it would take a few months to get it to the spot where we wanted it to be. In essence, we would be more or less (more than less …) camping for a few months. And that’s ok.

Since the first day, we arrived in Central Florida, we wanted to live near the beach. It took us 17 years to get there. But we made it. It may not be the perfect place (yet), but it will be. Right now, it is ours. My husband deserves some kudos here. The time and work he’s put in this place are astonishing. And it is far from over. He’s been a rock – my rock (because -and I admit this- I have this annoying tendency to become quite overwhelmed when things don’t happen my way … the faster, the better …) dealing with everything, still working a full day job, trying to make this place a comfortable as can be while the remodeling takes place. I’ll admit, it hasn’t been the easiest nor rosiest three weeks, but I could not have gotten through them without his support and that of my children.

Today, I am writing from Le Shack aka the tiny house. We survived it all. All is well. The house is still in total disarray, but things are starting to take shape. We now have a working (albeit still in construction) shower as well as a working sink, albeit with only cold water. Its hot water line has not been connected yet. (Good piece of advice: do not turn on a faucet of a non-connected line! What can happen to your not yet remodeled but kind of clean bathroom is not a pretty sight – It took some time to clean up, believe me). We also are the proud owners of a working toilet.