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It's been a while! Let's catch up!

The month of September passed like a whirlwind. Just like Dorian, who, in all honesty, did not leave his mark in my neck of the woods. Thank heavens for that. Imagine the tiny house still in the middle of remodeling (yeah …. We’re still at it 😉 ) having to face a hurricane such as Dorian? There was also the news that I reached the first benchmark in my weight loss endeavor: Yep, I lost my first 20Lbs. and am now officially on my way to the last ten. Easy? No, not at all. It has been a long and winding road₁, with ups and downs.

It’s also been a month of real political upheaval. As much as I try to keep this blog as apolitical as possible, considering the antics of the current administration, it is becoming quite hard to stay silent. And to not feel disgusted at the way people who disagree are being treated – on both sides of the aisle. The reaction of grown-ups to Greta Thunberg's speech at the U.N. is, to say the least disturbing. Yes, it was a passionate speech, and if a bit harsh, entirely on point. In case you missed the U.N. address, I am posting the youtube link, and I’ll let you judge for yourselves.

The climate is changing, and administrations that are laughing about it and claiming the science to be “alternate universe” truth findings are merely stupid and not very responsible because most of us do realize that climate change is real and must be dealt with before it is too late. But welcome to the present as Gaslighting, defined as an elaborate and insidious technique of deception and psychological manipulation, usually practiced by a single deceiver, or “gaslighter,” on a single victim over an extended period₂ has become the means to an end. And precisely because of it, we are living in a world where the truth does not really matter all that much anymore. Lies and alternate realities seem to have become the truth and gaslighting has become the norm. It is not right and we must not be blinded. Not now. Not ever. Because in the end, it transcends all partisan politics.