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It’s Christmas Time ….

All families have their traditions. When my children were little, we would go to any store selling the good French cheeses, buy a crapload of them, French bread, and a couple of good (actually very good) bottles of wine. We were usually broke (more after the cheese shopping), we stayed home with the kids and played games. Mostly card games, but anything went. I remember one particular game called Risk ... I have yet to win that one ... Pfft .... Christmas eve was, still is, sacred family time. It sure has changed. Our children no longer live at home. They have boyfriends and girlfriends and or either working or dividing their time between the families. But we (my husband and I) persevere.

...A few days ago, I read that a homeless camp down town Houston was literally adorned with artificial Christmas trees (donated by a Pennsylvania company called King of Christmas, which sells the artificial trees online.) What a strange thing to do. Especially if you consider that the holidays can be a challenging time for many. And so I must confess that I am not completely on board with Christmas trees adorning the sidewalks of a homeless “camp” on a strip of a street … where shelter amounts to a few boxes, where food is still scarce, and family still absent …. It seems more like a mockery than anything else. Making already “invisible” people more invisible. A bit of empathy might have been a better than a row of artificial Christmas trees.

Yet for me, Christmas day was great. Great food (Quiches, Cheeses, Homemade Moussaka, Chateau Neuf du Pape), company was even better. I have plenty to be thankful for. (I know … it’s not Thanksgiving anymore) I have a home, a really cool husband, a loving family, a great life. And I am doing what I love. Happiness is a simple thing. If you want it to be. And so from me to You, I say : Merry Christmas!