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Just a Ramble

Today I just want to scream. Very, very loud. Feeling as I am living in a crazy world filled with crazy people. Mean, unsympathetic crazy people whose sole purpose is turning this great country of ours into something of a crazy story. Just listening to the news is stressful.

Take for example yesterday. One of the breaking news stories of the day about the US Supreme Court refusing to block Arkansas abortions’ restrictions, which would leave most women without access to a doctor who can provide medication that will bring about an abortion. And no folks, because we are pro-choice does not mean we are pro-abortion. It means that in necessary cases we would have the choice to make an informed decision. An option that is now taken away in Arkansas. Where will this happen next?

Aside from that story, our current president is ripping senator McCain at a rally while inducing people to respond to his racist and bigoted rallying calls, going to the extent to calling House Minority Nancy Pelosi an "MS-13-lover". Let me be clear, Nancy Pelosi has never tried to “protect” MS-13 members. She is trying to protect the rule of law. Something that seems to be on the “forgotten” end of the spectrum these days. Let’s move on with the case of Lindsey Gottlieb [flying Southwest with her partner and biracial son] asked to provide a birth certificate even though she had a valid passport.

Or the rants about the Roseanne Barr story and her slur directed at a former aide of President Obama (No, comparing people to a primate is NOT OK people). Btw, nobody in the previous administration ever used “names” addressing president Trump. So again, his bigotry and bias are at the forefront. Lying, Lying and more lies are the order of the day. Every day.

There’s also North-Korea with the on/off meeting, or the game he’s playing with the Chinese, not to even mention the constant blustering against any and all opposing him. Yet nothing happens.

Nothing ever happens. In the meantime, where are the checks and balances? Where is Congress?

Read on folks. Read on:

Supreme Court Refuses to Block Arkansas Abortion ....

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