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Just another Sunday

While reading my Email this morning I found out that France Gall, a French yé-yé singer who rose to pop fame in the 1960s, had died at the age of 70. Cancer had struck once again. She was the daughter of the singer and songwriter Robert Gall, who, in his lifetime, wrote songs for Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour. She may not have been the greatest singer alive, but I remember listening to her, thinking she was quite engaging at the time. She lost her husband, Michel Berger in 1994. Soon after, her eldest daughter to Cystic Fibrosis. One of the many hits that will forever stay with us “Ella elle l’a”, “Il jouait du piano debout” and of course “Résiste”. Given the general feeling of discontent, I chose to play “Résiste” ©Michel Berger …

…Résiste …Resist

Prouve que tu existes Prove that you exist

Cherche ton bonheur partout, va, Look for your happiness

everywhere, go,

Refuse ce monde égoïste Refuse this selfish world

Résiste Resist

Suis ton cœur qui insiste Follow your heart that insists

Ce monde n'est pas le tien, viens, This world is not yours, come

Bats-toi, signe et persiste Fight, sign and persist

Résiste … Resist…

May she R.I.P.