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Let's talk! It's all about Maurice Denis and something to think about.

"Flowers ... Duh!" ©2020 NLew

“Who knows what women can be when they are finally free to be themselves.”

― Betty Friedan.

These past few months have been, to say the least, quite different. They have given us the time to quietly re-evaluate our lives and re-center some of the mostly forgotten priorities. This seemingly unmovable and silent time allowed me to immerse myself entirely into the world of painting …. Its masters, its works, studying brush strokes and color schemes, learning composition, style, and so much more. My journey to “greatness” 😉 is far from over as the voyage is long and arduous; the satisfaction of seeing a finished piece, fantastic.

The Masters and other great painters are my “teachers.” By now, everybody knows that I am a Van Gogh aficionado, but my virtual travels have opened doors to other, maybe lesser-known artists. Such is the way I was able to discover (and virtually connect) to Maurice de Vlaminck, who got my attention with a simple quote:

The Gardener - Maurice de Vlaminck 1904 (CC WikiArt)

“I wanted to burn down the Ecole des beaux-arts with my cobalts and vermillions, and I wanted to express my feelings with my brushes without troubling what painting was like before me …. Life and Me, Me, and Life –Maurice de Vlaminck.”

For me, that quote represents one’s ability to create without really adhering to existing norms, using some but not all rudimentary tools. For the first time since I started painting, I felt free and started looking at my art in a different light, while it wasn’t perfect, it was mine.