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Let the Countdown Begin

Today, as I am walking the regular path of exercise at the park, a few things are coming to mind. One of those is the realization that yesterday marked the day I officially entered the sexagenarian sphere. Sexagenarian… the word with the tendencies to invoke those nasty feelings like “old,” “ancient.” Nothing is farther from the truth. Once you come to see it as entering the third age of dawn, the beginning of a new era. Not an easy thing to admit… the eternal half-empty/half-full glass rhetoric but a useful one. Truthfully, at sixteen, I thought 30 was old, and 50 was ancient. I certainly never would have thought that one day I would reach that dreaded number 60. And yet, here I am. Healthy, happy, (not gonna lie to you that if I could stay in my mid-thirties forever, I’d not take the sixties’ deal. Cause let’s be real, They were great years) and convinced that age is but a number and mostly stigmatized in one’s mind and by society in general.

Getting ready to start a new phase in the storybook of our lives is a good thing. It brings with it discoveries and adventures. I am lucky to have a great and understanding husband as well as caring children. It may not be like that for all, especially those dealing with ill health, depression, loneliness, and sometimes low funds. Sometimes it is all of the above as one thing may undoubtedly lead to another. As getting older seems to make you “transparent” to society, it is of utter importance not to let that happen. Together -young and old- we are stronger, and much, much happier. Getting up in age does not mean becoming decrepit (as some whippersnappers may seem to think 😉), but it also should not mean becoming nasty and angry at the other living. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but happiness does begin with oneself. So, for the year to come, I can only hope to see happy and healthy young hens and oldies …. Living together, understanding and helping one another. You’d be surprised how a “good morning” or “have a happy day” can make you feel. One smile can change your day. And it works both ways.

On another note, Christmas is six days away, and we'll be able to ring in 2020 in precisely six more. As you all well know by now, I live in Florida, and snow is an oddity for many. In that mind-frame, cities, and even little towns like the one I live in, orchestrate Winter-Wonderlands for all to enjoy. The park where I walk every day has too and I can hardly wait to share the beautiful park full of snow and lights. I’ve added a little preview here. Nothing much …. Just enough (hopefully) to tickle your curiosity and get you back to the site next week. 😊

Last but not least, I have been working on figuring out what to send to the Twitter Art Exhibit TAE2020 and am in the process of painting a bunch of postcard size paintings. I will post those when done and hopefully, receive some feedback as to which one to enter. I’ve also been working on two other large canvasses… but they are works in progress. So, to be continued.

All in all, I’ve had a really good week, with great company, excellent food, and drinks. (To give you an idea: on my birthday I had Aperol before lunch followed with Calamari and Carpaccio at the Brio Tuscan Grill and Don Julio Mojito before dinner followed with Florida Rock Shrimp and Pollo a la Crema at the Marimba) Should you ever be in my neck of the woods (well here it should be the neck of the beach …lol … 😉) these two restaurants serve excellent food and come highly recommended. Just sayin’!!!

I planned to write a short post. So much for that. That will never happen I always seem to have so much to tell. (though one can hope) Oh well!! I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy Hannukah. Until next time peoples of the page. Namaste.

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