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Living an Eco-Friendly Life: Observations 3

Trying to pursue an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle includes, of course, dialing down your carbon footprint, which is, for most of us, way too high. Its impact on our environment is starting to be felt around the world. Rising temperatures, floodings, and the likes, all bring with them a bunch of other problems. Soil depletion because of overproduction, excessive gasses because of the number of ruminant animals … and it goes on and on ….

Don’t get me wrong, I love food, but … There is no doubt that a plant-based diet reduces the impact of food production on the environment and in the end our planet. (Although … not always … as again, it will depend on the way of growing and production) It has been scientifically proven (and I get it if you … really do not care about this but …. bear with me for a bit) that it is healthier than an animal food based diet. A win-win for all as far as I’m concerned. I did not completely give up animal foods altogether. However, I did reduce my intake, and a little bit really goes a long way. And right now, where the planet stands, every little bit counts.

Aside from that, I try to recycle and reuse. Second-hand goods reduce production, which in turns reduces usage of electricity, fossil fuels, and all the likes. So, I recycle, limit plastics, and banned straws. The impact of plastic on the environment is disastrous. It not only pollutes the environment and our waterways but also injures wild and ocean life. There are alternatives. Glass, stainless steel, other .... Besides, water tastes better in a glass bottle.

Le Shack

I am trying to do my part. With Le Shack, I want to prove to myself that I am capable of living with less that is more. It is a challenge, believe me. Right now, we are looking into solar powered battery backups (I mean, …I do live in Florida …. Sun is everywhere …). I’ll keep you posted on that one.

In the meantime, drink water, stay cool, recycle, and reuse. #Eco-Friendly #RecycleAndReuse

#Reflectionsandstuffcom #EcoFriendly #RecycleAndReuse

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