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Living an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle: Renovations/Observations 4

Le Shack Back Yard

Sunday, on the way back home, it dawned on me for the very first time that we were homeowners once more. Even if only of Le Shack.

We had gone to Le Shack to check out the roof work from last week. There had been very heavy rain, and we wanted to make sure the repairs were holding. At least until spring, when we plan on putting up vinyl siding as well as a new roof with skylights. Thank goodness, all seemed fine, but for that last little persistent leak, we thought was fixed. Unfortunately, it started raining (again) and thundering (again), and we had to forego the outside patching up … the inside repair will hopefully keep inclement weather out for now, and a bucket under the leak will have to catch the water drip until next week.

The shower needed repairing too. Last week, when trying to take one, the pipe burst. It turned out that finding the right pieces to fix the plumbing was quite an ordeal. Aside from the fact that Mobile Homes are not constructed in the same ways as are houses, ours, remember, is an old one being reshaped …. Anyways, it is a temporary fix. Next week, we will tear down the existing sink/vanity and prep the bathroom for the replacement shower and sink (energy/water efficient), as well as put in a new window (reclaimed from the hallway) and exhaust fan (there is neither at this moment).

Because of the wet weather, we weren’t able to replace the skirting. That is a job for next Saturday. As is the replacement of the ceiling and insulation. Then, we close up the screened in room, break down the wall of the living room, opening up the living space. Space is sparse here, and we are making sure that everything has a place and a purpose. Pictures will follow when all is done.

It’s definitely a handyman’s job. We’ll get there. One room at a time. Slowly. Surely.

Have a happy week.

Ps. The pumpernickel bread from the bakery is delicious. #Renovations #LeShack #Observations

#Reflectionsandstuffcom #LeShack #Observations #Renovations

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