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Living an Eco-Friendly "Lush" Life

Living an environmentally friendly "lush" life is not as hard, nor as expensive as some may led you to believe. In my experience, it all depends on dedication (and no, I am not talking explicitly using more of that precious free time you have left), research, and above all organization.

I never thought that I was wasteful. This changed when my son chose Environmental Studies and marine Biology as his Majors in college, and as his subjects of interests to pursue his master’s in environmental studies. From the little boy with an as picky as could be attitude on what he actually would eat, to the adult man who first became a vegetarian and eventually turned into a complete and transformed vegan, he is convinced this is a small but meaningful way to help minimize his carbon footprint. And in the long run lessen manmade earth’s destruction. That, and the ethical reasons accompanying it.

I must agree I like the idea. Not veganism in particular, mind you, but the whole idea of reducing one’s carbon foot print ….

As you will discover in these compacts I will put out during the next few weeks, Living a “lush” life needs not be “more expensive” as some claim it is. Many things contribute to the wrong choices. Bad for the planet. Unhealthy choices. Bad for ourselves. As an example, let’s talk about food. Overproduction of food [aka Industrial Agriculture] is the culprit and the influence on people’s diets. It also generates large amounts of waste, soil pollution, water pollution, ending up as a major influence on our ecosystem, which in turn ends up affecting our health.

There is so much more, of course. As deforestation causes Nitrous Oxide to rise, which we know is a major cause of global warming [Yeah folks, Global Warming is real], pesticides and synthetic fertilizers cause pollution in soil, water and air…