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Meet my Cat, and observations.

Jules, my cat, is not an ordinary cat. Like any other cat, she is regal, opinionated, stubborn, and incredibly loving when she feels like it. Which, in truth, does not happen very often. I rescued her from the ASPCA in August 2016 because they were going to put her down. As I said, she is not a very friendly and outgoing cat; she does not really like people; she just tolerates them … nothing more. But she and I have developed a kind of strange, out of this world relationship. I talk, she listens and then puts in her two cents.

Jules will never sit on your lap or sleep above your head (on your head), but she will gladly take over the couch and plop her butt against you. She tries to hunt things that are not there (hard to catch the occasional spider) and listens to me rant and rave about orange things. I think she agrees with me that it is time for a change.

On a different not, there are a few things I want to get off my chest. I live in Florida, and my family has been spared –so far—from the coronavirus. And no, it is not because of the heat or because everybody has been doing what is right (look at the numbers, they are climbing … 23.000 cases per day in Florida alone) but because we have been practicing the elementary precautions as outlined by the medical community. (a/k/a going nowhere, avoiding large groups, keeping to ourselves) You may think we are not important enough to continue living, but we beg to differ. For that to happen though, it will be necessary to pocket some stuff for a little while. We are all in this together. I mean, come on people, it is not rocket science! If the virus has nowhere to go, it will go away. For that to happen, it is necessary to do away with selfishness and think about the common good, think about the community. This thing is not about us alone. I wear a mask, and I protect you. Return the courtesy and wear a mask to protect me. And when I stand in line, respect the 6ft distance. I do not want to feel your breath on my neck.

"For Victoria" ©2020 NLew

Other than the Coronavirus news, we are bombarded with yet another scandal. This time involving bounties offered by the Russian government (Yeah people …. Putin) to kill American soldiers …. How low will this administration go? Is it stupidity or total disregard for human life? Power corrupts, and in this administration, it sure has done so.

“Black Lives matter” continues to make the news, if to a lesser extent. This movement must not disappear. It is time for systemic racism to be gone; to be a part of the past. It is a learned behavior. Let’s unlearn it. NOW.

And finally, Be kind peoples of the page—register to Vote. Do not let them tell you that you are ineligible. If you are an American citizen, you can vote. (If you have done time make sure to settle this and request that your voting privileges be reinstated) Call the supervisor of election, the Democratic National Convention, your representative, or anybody who would be able to advise and help. Power to the People begins with your vote. Remember that there is more than one person responsible for this state of the union. Start blaming your gutless senators too. They, too, have the choice to speak up. They choose not to do so. There is a lot to rectify, and if Joe Biden is not your candidate of choice (he wasn’t my first choice either), he will be a way better president than what we have right now. It can only get better.

Stay healthy by enjoying a safe Independence Day. I will not be “boosting” this post as Facebook will probably want me to send them a copy of my passport or my DL …. All this to prove that I am not a robot. Then they will tell me that my post is too political ….or too social …. Or too whatever. And they will reject it. So, I am counting on all of you to share it along instead. Until next time peoples of the page. Namaste.








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