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Writing this blog has made me take a serious look at myself and at my life. And don’t go all crazy on me, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with my life (or me for that matter). No, that is not where I am going with this. Let me put it this way: Between waking up every day in a world divided by extreme factions, where civility is rare or non-existent, the lingering stress of open-ended and unfinished projects, I came to doubt my abilities to think, to write, to create and came to a complete stop. No ideas. No more trepidation at the thought of people reading my stuff. A total blank enveloping my mind. Nothingness. A still. And with it, loneliness.

I stayed more or less away on social media. To see if anybody would notice. Nobody really did. It doesn’t matter. The few that care would eventually have noticed. Or not? Nevertheless, it was refreshing to go from 5+ hours of “online” time to virtually none. My mind cleared. During those few weeks I also tried to listen less -way less- to cable news. Again, clear mind and less stress. To counter the lack of “knowing what’s going on in the world” I read newspapers. The whole thing. Front to back. It felt good and … well… at least my paid subscriptions became useful again.

It made me think about my blog, and made me realize that I love to write. I love it when people read my stuff and find it to be a door to something new or unknown. (Yes, I have to admit I love the attention … 😉).

We all have, somehow, somewhere, encountered periods of low creativity and low morale. It helps to know the people close to you are there. Reading. Listening. In the shadows but always there.

Life has a tendency to turn things upside down when we least expect it. It also has the ability to open our minds and force us to take a deep inward look as to where we go from here. It happened to me. Again.

In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving! Until next week. Namaste!! #Nothingness #Writer'sblock

#reflectionsand #Nothingness

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