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On this Day ….

I realize we are living in a world where the truth does not really matter all that much anymore. Through gaslighting, lies become alternate realities and alternate realities become the truth.

With Thanksgiving inching closer, certain melancholy sets in. Too much in this world is not going well. Kids are homeless, programs to help them, and veterans, the elderly, and the working poor are cut. The money gained from all the cuts is reallocated and given as tax breaks to the wealthy and the corporations. The middle class is paying. We cannot all agree on everything. Different people, different cultures, different opinions …. And that’s ok. We must not lose respect. Distrust cannot become violence. We must keep our humanity.

Everywhere, a large part of the population is falling victim to many of the present’s narratives. Keep in mind that misinformation is the propaganda autocratic and undemocratic countries use to subdue the people. And it is happening. Here. And it is happening NOW.

I painted “The Bench” – after reading Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead,” where one of the passages sounded very frightening.

“[Dean] “My dear fellow, who will let you?”

[Roark] “That’s not the point. The point is, who will stop me?”

Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

If that’s no scary thought, I can’t imagine what is. The bench under the tree is to make sure we take a pause, breathe, think, and see the path. Better to start walking informed than uninformed.

But, on Thanksgiving, I want to be thankful for what I have and the people I love, though I also want to be mindful of all those who do not have all that I do. I want to say thank you to all those men and women fighting for our freedoms. Indeed, I thank you for your service.