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One day in the life … Ghana's 9-month adventure continued.

With Leyna's continued odyssey in Ghana, a treasure trove of African (more specifically Ghanaian) culture is being readily accessible. I don’t really know much about Ghana except that it is the country of the previous U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan whose birthplace was Kumasi, then British Gold Coast (now Ghana). Other than that, it is pretty much a mystery to me. It makes me even more excited to discover it, learn about it, and assimilate its culture.

During her first few days, Leyna discovered the capital Accra and the surrounding areas, including the town where she ultimately would be spending the nine months of her Fulbright. One thing became apparent: both towns seem to have a significant waste problem. With the production of large amounts of waste, there is a need to put in place a viable system to recycle and reuse as the latter is quasi-non-existent. With the proverbial exception to the rule – soda bottles that may be sent back to the manufacturer to be cleaned and refilled – although there is no confirmation that this is an existing program. In the meantime, the discarded waste (organics and plastics alike) fills the gutters, which in turns allows for diseases to brew, and –during heavy rains—flooding to occur. Remember, reduce your plastic consumption, recycle and reuse. Water indeed is a global issue.

Power in Winneba seems to be “in and out.” Sometimes a “lights on-lights off” scenario lasts all day. It seems a small price to pay. (Me talking out of my nose and honestly …I don’t have to deal with it …so take it with a grain of salt … 😉)

This is Bukhara, a mix of cassava and maize, with different SPICY 🌶 pepper sauces.

Leyna is a vegan, and there are lots of fruits and veggies in the area she

Fruits and Vegetables at the local market

is residing, which is really great. There are no supermarkets or grocery stores in Winneba. “Grocery” shopping is done at the local market. Most packaged foods are European or from China and India, though some Ghanaian brands show up here and there as well.

To be continued …. but in the meantime, Have a lovely week. Namaste!

African Traditional Dance - Kusun Ensemble - Ghana-

African Music tv

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