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Reading: A Different [My] List of Should Read Books

Reading is and has always been a favorite pastime of many. Genres may differ, but readers unite in their love for the written word. There is nothing like settling down with a drink, a cup of tea or coffee in your favorite spot and enter the realms of imagination, fact, or fiction. It opens the doors to whole new worlds and universes, helping you expand your present knowledge while opening your mind to new ideas.

So today, I would like to share a list of some very good books I discovered in the last few months. I know that you are thinking you do not need yet another list of the best books for this or the best books for that …. Besides, which ones really do make the cut for “Best”?

That is why I am just going to propose some titles all the while hoping you will take the time to try a few. Afterwards, we could compare Ideas. A few of them, though written by some of the literary elite, may seem to have been taken off the beaten path. Maybe so, but I enjoyed reading every single one of them. I must confess, I will read anything and everything I can get my hands on.

These last few years have seen the e-book sales augment. Personally, I like print books better. Kindle or Nooks are great when traveling (less bulky, and you can read in the dark ….) but nothing beats a book in print. The smell of paper, touching the cover … just holding it … No electronic device can beat that feeling. I try to be environmentally conscious, therefore I always try to buy used books whenever possible. Or books made of recycled paper. A lot of people do not keep their books when done reading and great deals are always available, so why not try to save some trees. Bookstores are disappearing. Sadly. Internet “stores” are a terrific way to shop, especially when comparing prices, but they do not have the feel of what I call a “real People Store”.

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