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Say NO To Poaching! Elephants Too, Weep.

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As we all learned a few weeks ago, the Trump administration will no longer ban the imports of elephant trophies. At least that is what an article on NBC News stated [Dartunorro Clark / Mar.06.2018 / 1:37 PM ET / Updated Mar.07.2018 / 5:39 AM ET]. In all honesty, it also mentioned that Trump stepped in and suspended the practice after all the negative feedback he received from conservation and animal rights groups. It is a known fact that both older Trump boys are hunters and that they have posed with carcasses of animals like leopards, crocodiles, and elephants. African elephants are listed as vulnerable by IUCN, while Asian elephants are listed as endangered. Sad fact: kill the female, and the calf will die too.

Needless to say, the practice of taking the horns of these majestic animals just for the sheer pleasure of it, as well as for monetary benefits, is nothing less than aberrant. They’re herbivores and considered a keystone species, viewed by many contemporary ethologists as one of the world’s most intelligent animals which manifest a host of different behaviors such as grief, play, memory, compassion, and many more. Steps are being taken to protect the elephants from poaching. As detailed by the [sic] IFAS and the Kenya Wildlife Service an innovative project called tenBoma has been launched and it includes the development of a counter-wildlife crime intelligence fusion center, as well as the engagement with communities living near wildlife, in addition to modernizing WSK security operations to stop poachers before they kill elephants and rhinos. If successful in Kenya, this model project could be replicated in other countries for more efficient poaching prevention.

These animals do not deserve to die, hunted and killed for monetary gains, or for the moment it takes to be photographed. It isn’t right. Make sure it doesn’t happe