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Some Thoughts and Zaria Forman, Artist Documenting Climate Change, One Picture at a Time ....

"The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers

knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom."

― Isaac Asimov

A couple of weeks ago, a very close friend had emergency surgery. Thank goodness the operation went well, and she is recovering very well.

But it did make me think of the incredible lightness of being. How one day we are here, and the next day we may be gone. How it is essential to sort out the importance of all things and setting our priorities straight. We are in the middle of a pandemic (some beg to differ and call it a hoax), positive cases are creeping up, and people are dying (No, it is not like the flu). Some are even suggesting to reduce testing (supposed tongue in cheek) to get to lower numbers. Ethics and morality have taken a deep dive during a time when they should be flying high. And think, more testing does make the positive cases go up, but a positive case is a positive case. Every positive case will be transmitted to several uninfected people who, in turn, will infect more …. It can go on and on for a very long time. Positive cases must go into quarantine, as do the people with who they were in contact. There is really no other way to limit transmission.