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Somehow, life goes on …

Not as usual, better and easier for some than for others, but yes, life goes on. These are certainly not ordinary days. And since I have a voice, albeit a small one, there are a few things that I need to get off my chest.

Covid19 is a dangerous virus and is not be underestimated. And yet, many people choose to do just that and, in doing so, put the lives of other, more vulnerable segments of the population at risk. Conspiracy theories, too, abound. From statements declaring the "death squads" have arrived to "socialized health care" putting people down. None of it is accurate, true, nor correct. It creates hate and panic, and panic leads to bad decisions.

Nobody is killing people because of their age. Nobody is sending people to die. There are simply not enough supplies to accommodate all. You want to blame someone, blame your respective governments. They knew what was coming, and they did nothing. Please stop the nonsense of these conspiracies and socialized crap. We have bigger fish to fry.

Then, let's talk about "SOCIAL ISOLATION" and "STAY AT HOME ORDER" and "MANDATORY QUARANTINES." I'm sure we all have opinions about this. But here too, common sense must rule. It doesn't matter whether or not the governors issue orders… because, in the end, it is UP TO US to do the right thing. (They do issue orders because many do not follow common sense guidance) So, let's recap here:

1. The virus transmits from person to person;

2. Wash your hands with soap often for 20 sec;

3. When they tell you to practice self-isolation: PLEASE PRACTICE SELF ISOLATION. This means, keep to yourself, avoid closeness, handshakes, etc.… maintain 6 feet between you and others. This way, you will prevent passing on this bug to someone who actually may get very ill and die;

4. When they tell you to quarantine yourself if you are sick or have symptoms: DO AS THEY ASK. QUARANTINE YOURSELF. Again, this way you will avoid passing this bug to someone who actually may get very ill and die.

5. STOP DISTRIBUTING MISINFORMATION. You are not helping anyone with this. On the contrary, you are creating panic. And panic leads to bad decisions.

6. When they tell you are allowed to walk your dog, walk your dog but stay in your neighborhood and practice SOCIAL DISTANCE by leaving at least 6 feet between you and others. (If you don't have a dog, pretend you have one, and use the same safeguards … 😉 I guess that may be ok)

7. When they tell you to avoid large crowds, only to leave your house to go grocery shopping or for medical needs: HELL, AVOID LARGE CROWDS. This includes but is not limited to not congregating in the park, on the street, or at someone's house. This is not the time to party. Again, if you practice this, you will avoid passing on this bug to someone who actually may get very ill and die.

You have to admit that these are simple rules. We can stifle the bug this way until a vaccine or useful anti-virals are found. Do not listen to persons proclaiming to know it all if they ARE NOT epidemiologists, physicians, or other medical personnel. Because THEY DO NOT KNOW IT ALL. Do not self-medicate without talking to your physician first. HEED THE ADVICE OF YOUR PHYSICIAN, THE CDC, THE WHO. Heed the advice of people trained to do what they are doing and are not working from their gut.