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The hardest part of writing for this blog is always the choice of what to publish. Trying to keep focused on the main elements -Art and the Environment – these times often call for a slight turn towards more informational and slightly political trends and tidbits. Needless to say that that is the hardest part of what I do – keeping “most” of my personal feelings at bay when pointing out a particular story. Not always successfully, I admit. I’m only human. 😉 Interestingly enough, those stories seem to generate quite a bit of interest (reading interest mostly as not many of you actually comment on those posts – #sad, as I’d love the interaction.)

Ask people how to define art, and you will get as many answers as the many people you asked. There is no “perfect” art. Art is subjective. It really is in the eye of the beholder. I am not saying that the Art schools are obsolete, that the grandmasters didn’t know anything. No, that is not my point. They did, back then. In their time periods. I believe that there are contemporaries as good, if not better than the grandmasters. They have learned from them, but definitely adjusted the techniques and knowledge to their own.

Emerging artists like myself tend to want to define the goal they are pursuing. The longer I paint, the more I understand I have no specific goal. I paint because it helps me douse the darkest parts of my soul … it forces me to seek the light (okay .. living in Florida with the almost year-round sun really helps 👀🎶🎶🎶), it takes me places -close and faraway-, it helps me express some of the beauty I see around me. I have often related that I take my inspiration from the masters (grandmasters and the not officially called grandmasters but still fabulously good) like Matisse, Manguin, Camoin, Van Gogh, of course, as the voluptuousness and their use of color speak to me and touch my soul. As do some contemporaries whose work I follow like a hawk. David Sandum, Eric Le pape, Wim Oepts to give you a few names.

In order of appearance: Matisse, Manguin, Camoin, Van Gogh -

©All images are used under creative commons license - educational and non-commercial use only. Please respect the artists work.

From left to right : David Sandum, Eric Le pape, Wim Oepts

©All images are used under creative commons license - educational and non-commercial use only. Please respect the artists work

What I paint is not extravagant or trendy, sad, mysterious, brutal, or supernatural (I’m pretty sure I could find more adjectives to throw in there for more clarification lol 🤣) Painting enables me to stretch the way I dream. It is a balance of objects, subjects and ideas, truths and lies, a craft to be finetuned, twisted, and adapted to one's needs. Aiming for reaction and emotion. I’m still in the “discovery” phase. Searching for a definite style and place in the art world. I’ve stepped up. I now believe that I am worthy of trying. Look up the artists I speak of. Visit my website @ and follow my journey. But most of all, try it for yourself.

I cannot leave you without at least bringing up the story of the dolphin they found a Florida shore. Shot and with stab wounds. As the article states, this may stem from the fact that people feed dolphins and the dolphins get accustomed to them and associate boats and people with food. So people, please, DO NOT FEED DOLPHINS, or any wildlife for that matter. You can prevent the harm to wild dolphins by not feeding them. Read the whole article here

On a lighter note (oh how I wish I could mean this … a lighter note ….) … in a perfect world, we would have a leader leading without interfering. That is, unfortunately, not the case. Leading by example means that a person of power, an entity, or influence practicing specific actions is deemed so admirable and beneficial that others are encouraged to replicate it or adopt its effect. As we have seen lately, actions such as the ones we have been experiencing are not always beneficial and become outright dangerous and harmful. We, peoples of the page, must resist those tendencies. For we all have a common goal: a happy (global-minded) world. Don’t forget, “[Sic] Through Art, we can change the world.” And by doing the right thing, of course, I mean to reduce, reuse, and recycle. (I really had to throw that in there. 😁)

To this, I say, be kind to one another, be safe, and have a happy week. Namaste.

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As always, I am thankful for your patronage.

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