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The First Post ....

They say the first post is always the hardest to write. You’re still trying to figure out what to write about, which direction to take, how to write and be sure to be read … It is difficult to throw oneself out there, to digest negative feedback, or to simply not have the long-awaited success. Because in the end, success is what we all aim for.

I love to write. Tell little stories. Put in my two cents on the next big story. I believe in globalism. Maintaining our identity in a globalist society can be easier than you think. How cool would it be to really have friends all over the world? Speaking many languages, eating a variety of food? And with that, eradicating the hatred and bigotry and zealotry that currently seems to be taking over many people. All over the world. Skin color does not matter. Religion does not matter. Nationality does not matter. Gender does not matter. I am a woman. A wife, parent, sister, aunt, friend. A thinker, a doer, and a dreamer. I am a Rebel. Still!

I want this site to become a community for women of all ages and all others interested in dialogue and discussion, in sharing ideas that help open the doors of discovery, knowledge and understanding.

With recipes to try, books to read, music to discover, and a store to buy quality -almost new- stuff I hope to attract an array of different people. I will allow all topics, from everyday things, to politics, religion, philosophy, and whatever else you may want me to add. I’d love to have you send in posts. The only rules are to stay courteous (I will never tolerate insults) and to write a post 350 words or less. I will edit anything over that.

All ideas are welcome. I want to think of this site as a new planet ready to explore. We live on a beautiful planet. Let us not destroy it by destroying ourselves. Instead, let the adventure begin.

#First #women #globalism #community

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