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The Flat Pumpkin Society

It is fall peoples of the page and, we, the Lew Squared Coop, decided to be funny (and kind of original …) and put a shirt out there for the members of the Flat Pumpkin Society. Because in the fall, pumpkins are THE thing that we all love. Well, not all of us. Take me for example, except for the gourmet and homemade pumpkin creme soup … I do not fancy them at all. The why of it would be too long to explain and would in essence amount to another story. Which would mean a story within a story? But it is getting too complicated already, and I am diverging. This post is all about the new Flat Pumpkin Society. Its members, from all around the world, are the ones carving, eating, breathing pumpkins for the whole duration of the fall … That is all the way up to Thanksgiving. Because after that, Pumpkins are out and Christmas Trees and stuff is in. Though in some stores The Christmas season is overshadowing the Pumpkin season. #SAD.

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