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The importance of screening and a touch of light in watercolors

Yan Nascimbene - Il Bosco

April is my designated month for the annoying yearly physical, and the move added the additional hurdle of having to find a new doctor. Mind you, I am not really doctor material -- in a really bad year I see one once, maybe twice (aside from the physical of course) -- and having had a family doctor (I was born in Europe so … you know … the kind that knew you from birth ….) for most of my formative years ( actually … well into my 20ies 😉) the American medical system really never grew into me. Needless to say that I changed doctors every time I changed insurance; sometimes because I did not like them or I thought them totally incompetent with a lousy bedside manner; sometimes because the change of insurance brought forth a change of doctors.

So here I am, living in a beachside town on the Florida East Coast, and I actually have a found a doctor I like and trust. From the same side of the ocean where I come from, we are made to understand each other. This one takes his time (does not look at his watch every minute to make sure he does not pass the mandatory allotted doctor/patient time. But anyway, what I am getting to is the rigmarole (you know the hustle and bustle...) that is inevitably part of that yearly ritual: the bloodletting (a/k/a comprehensive lipid and metabolic panels), the offered colonoscopy or fecal test (so gross …) and of course the famous mammogram. Which I had yesterday!