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The Mediterranean "Diet"

A few weeks ago, I joined a group following “the Mediterranean Diet.” I joined, not because I wanted to

lose weight (although losing those few [and I’m not sure if I should use “few” here] would undoubtedly be great) but because I had grown quite intrigued about what people think the diet is about. The thing is, it’s not really a diet. It is a lifestyle.

I’ve always eaten healthy. But over the years, instead of cooking fresh, frozen foods found their way into my refrigerator. They were the type of foods I had eaten all my life. Risottos, and rice-based meals, pasta…. Just heat 'em up and done you are. But oh, the sodium in those foods. They’ll drive any healthy person down eventually. It happened to me too.

Eating Mediterranean style is not always necessarily what could be considered healthy. Because let’s be real, red meat is red meat. And fats are fats. You abuse the bad stuff; bad stuff is going to happen to you too. One serving of this might not hurt you, but two or three just may. Better yet, it will en up hurting you.