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The no-update post that ends up being one ….

©Vilage on a tile (one of the tiles that will be used in my kitchen)

The difficulty with having a blog is often the decision about what to write. So many exciting subjects cross my line of sight every day that it becomes hard – overwhelming – to choose the topic for the week’s posting/publishing in a particular area. Take for example the rubric I chose to write about eco-friendly living. It talks about the upgrades to Le Shack as well as about the choices made that week to attain -slowly but surely – a better carbon footprint. In this week’s column, it turns out to be particularly hard to talk about upgrades to Le Shack as there have been none. We did not go there last weekend, but we plan on finishing the gutting of what will become the “master bedroom” tomorrow. Hubs wants to do some plumbing as well. But they’re plans – and nothing more than plans -  which, as it seems - never seem to happen the way we plan it. Oh well, such is life!

We are adjusting to each situation as we go. Sometimes, because of lack of availability for a particular item (remember, we are trying to use as much reclaimed materials as possible), sometimes because we just do not have the time to go up there and spend the day, things get behind and second thoughts and doubt creep in. Should we even have started this venture? Will we make it?” Be able to finish it?

We are so used to have everything at hand in a fast and furious way that not jumping to the perpetual recourse of the “plastic card”/buy on Amazon turns out to be quite hard. There are days that I admit to thinking we will never pull it off. But the doubt always subsides. Because we want to prove that living an eco-friendly lifestyle does not need to imply a costly bill. That it just requires planning, searching, patience, and taking the time to implement the former. And, after a fashion, move into a fantastic home. All on the cheap. In my book, that sounds like a win.

Remember, use, reuse and recycle. Namaste.

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