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The World Turns … Round and Round

People are funny. No, for real, they are funny. And I don’t mean that as in funny because they make you laugh kind of deal. No I mean funny in the sense of weird, strange, outright not quite there. For what they do; for how they perceive others while perceiving themselves as different. They do not think that we are all different. That, at least, we all try to be in our very own little ways. Even those who don’t want to be , are different (unless of course they have a living clone. But, then again, what are the odds that someone has a real, live, alive clone somewhere).

People spend most of their lives cultivating “a persona”; a type that will (or will not -because that is always the question and a variable- who knows?) appeal to what they think is the group they want to belong to. Unconsciously mostly, there are times though that they are very aware (as are we) of what they are doing and why they are doing it. Maybe to get that fantastic job that is lying there, waiting for that perfect, particular candidate (no, they think, not me … too far off); Maybe, because they want to have friends, because, and let’s be honest here, in this town, they are alone and friendless. Mostly, because they don’t want to be themselves.

The problem with “cultivating” someone is that in the process you may, no, you will, lose yourself. This, in turn, will force you to go search for yourself, and that, my friends, may be a hard and strenuous process. You may never find yourself, and when you actually do (you know, after walking on hot coals and stuff…) you end up hating the one you just met. So, you see, you are quite damned if you do and damned if you don’t. A better alternative is to not start cultivating and simply be you.

I am who I am. You may not, but I like who I am. And nothing’s ever gonna change that. That said, happy Fourth of July y’all! #Self-expression #Mirror-Images

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