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These last two months ...

October passed like a whirlwind. Quite a month it was. The current administration sabotaged the Affordable Care

Act by cutting insurers’ subsidies but carried the promise to replace it by the “fantastic Trump Care” which didn’t happen. Our most inefficient President then escalated the already existing tensions with North Korea and nearly put us on the path of war after insulting the North Korean Leader. It was also the beginning of the sexual harassment complaints and Roger Ailes’ dismissal. There is of course much more. Too much for just one post. Therefore, to be continued...

Then, came November. And it didn’t get any better. Allegations against Harvey Weinstein were just the beginning. It snowballed. And thanks to the courageous women who decided that enough was enough, the culture of “we had no choice” and “we put up with it” may be coming to a close. It is time.

Yet, as of now, we have only been talking about the rich, the famous, and the wealthy. But let us be real. The same rules will not apply to the average worker. Their voices in small workplaces carry less far and fire and it will take more effort and patience to achieve the same outcome than what we are seeing on television. Truth of the matter is that many of us can simply not afford to lose a job. And that becomes an issue when, in a small workplace, a power player believes he is entitled to “play the game”. Just because. And the price for talking is high. Very high.

I promised myself not to get too involved with politics, but too much happened these last two months to at least not mention the more important ones. It is a moment for women. We, the older ones, need to stand by the younger ones and support the change in culture. What was does not need to be anymore.

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