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They canceled …. Yes, that too ….

Quick intermission on this warm and sunny Sunday before I go back to painting. I Had a great riverside run this morning. (Observing the required social distance of course as did most of the others) It was interesting to see so many people taking to walking (with or without their dogs – even a guy with a bird on his shoulder who technically was not walking but "scootering") If this continues, we may well be on the way to retrieving some semblance of health and wellbeing. Goodbye couch; goodbye obesity; Hello walking and running. Also, people greeting each other, smiling … And all from a distance. It seems some good is coming out of all of this. Maybe just maybe this pandemic will in the end force people to take a very deep look into themselves. I have found that a lot of people are trying to help out as much as they possibly can. We all must understand that it is not the same to be isolated in a house with a garden versus an overpopulated apartment building with nowhere to catch the sun without risk nor is it the same to be in the high-risk areas versus sparser populated ones. It is not fair. And now, it seems even less fair than before. Sharing and caring, that's the current motto. Of course, there will always be the a-Loles... but their reckoning will be at their doorstep one day. One can only hope.

Until tomorrow, peoples of the page.

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