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Those Creatures, Great and Small

Where was it ever written that men (and women of course) would end up forming indelible bonds with animals? To my knowledge, it never was, but that didn’t prevent both species from becoming intertwined in each other’s lives.

Most of us have a dog or a cat, or both, or more … I had a horse once … a long, long time ago … named Bien-Aime (BeLoved). A rescued harness racehorse he was. Thoroughbred. Champion (he won a few races) Tall. Beautiful. Stud. Sadly, I can’t seem to find any pictures of him and me … none whatsoever. But he is in my heart. Forever.


When my children were little, they brought home a little furball, not much bigger than a fist. The owners, some neighbor, wanted to “flush it down the toilet” and of course my kids, then 7 and 6, were certainly not going to let that happen. We “saved” the little mutt, put some numbers on small pieces of paper and took turns drawing - highest number would be the one choosing – my son won and named her KC (No not Kacey, or Kasey …. Just KC. He insisted on the spelling and hell, who’d argue with a 6-year-old first grader 😉?) It was a good name. It was her name, and she lived with us healthy and happy ever after. Well for 16 long years that is … I, no we, miss her dearly. And while I’ve always had a dog, I’ve not had the incline to get another one since she passed. It’s still too raw. It still feels too early.

But then I went to the pound -again- (to visit the animals you know … just to visit them …) and I went home with a cat.