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Thought of the day - January 5, 2018

The most dangerous untruths are truths moderately distorted.

~Georg Christoph Lichtenberg~

We all have a story to tell. Mine, as it turns out, are the stories about human potential, political philosophy, discovery, hope, and compassion. The world is going crazy. People are fighting, left and right. With each other. Against each other. For truths. For untruths. For convictions. MAGA, or Make America Great Again, seems to be the antagonizing factor. I simply ask: When was America ever not great?

Last year, the Washington Post published an article “The dangerous triumph of tribalism in America” where the emergence of distinct spheres between humans is discussed. One is racially diverse, urban, secular, and globalist [sic], the other mostly white, rural, and exurban, religious, and nationalist [sic].

While it is normal for parties to have certain partisan politics, ours have turned into battles for the American soul. In America, Republicans are known to be [used to be known] the ones claiming to be social / economic conservatives, while Democrats are better known as Liberals. The thing is, being a Republican does not necessarily mean being white, from rural abode, religious, or even nationalist. One can be a Republican and be socially inclusive, even secular. The same stands for Democrats. And yet, these last few years, tribalism has made headways around the world. In America, it seems one side is anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-immigration, while the other side is deemed to be Pro-everything. Nothing in this world is as black and white as one would be inclined to believe.

There is a need for compromise. A need for middle ground. A need to stop attacking to attack and a need to stop the lies they are feeding us. There is a need to bounce back from the alternative facts’ realm and to start looking for the truth, not just taking it in and shrugging our shoulders. We are not as stupid as they may think we are. We must unite, and we must talk. The infection must be stopped, and the cancer must be cut out. Then only will Bi-Partisanship return.


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