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Today, our president decided that his border wall trumped the paycheck of the federal employees by announcing that he would most certainly not sign a stopgap funding bill. Yesterday we learned that our troops would start exiting Syria, and at the beginning of the week, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was struck down as unconstitutional by a Texas federal judge. So yes, it’s been quite the week. And not quite the way I would have wanted it to be. But, whether or not we agree to every single decision our government makes is not really the point. We all know that some do and some don’t. But in the end let’s not forget that we are all Americans and that when we disagree, we should at least try to find common ground and meet the other side halfway. That, my friends, is real democracy.

Christmas is around the corner. Nobody wins if the government shuts down. If the president wants to sec funding for his wall, there is a supposed GoFundMe page that already fundraised 3. something million. Add to that the 1.5 million the government is willing to allot for the wall …. And vavavoom: problem solved.

AS for the pullout of troops in Syria, I am sure t both pro and contra reasoning exist. But we have not won the fight against ISIS. They may have retreated, but they are a cancer that is there to stay. And I find it difficult to believe our WIN part. Then again, what the h*&% do I know. What is closer to my heart is the fact that so many of our compadres do not seem to understand the dangers many face with the possible repeal of the ACA. Let it be known that it is not for today, nor for tomorrow. There will be many appeals. But keep in mind that health insurance helps people preventing rather than curing (I know, this is rather simply put, but I do not want to elaborate on this just yet). The ACA helps people gain access to healthcare (and I know, not all people qualify … but to those who claim insurance through the marketplace is expensive I would like to state that without it premiums would definitely be unaffordable for most. That is the reality of healthcare in the USA.) The argument that one should have the choice to live or die is valid. But, I would argue that if your loved one gets sick and needs care, what happens then? Many will tell me that they will deal with it at the given time. Therein lies the error. Repayment may or may not happen, but in the end, medical facilities need to pay their people too. The medical communities agree that the ACA is a good thing and should be there to stay. I would venture to say that the ACA is indeed not perfect but can be tweaked to become workable, accessible and useful for all; that medical care is in need of a definite overhaul and that drug manufacturers need to be kept in line. There is money to be made. Yet, how much is too much when a human life is on the line.

During this time of festivities, I’d like to think about all the people who lost their jobs with the Sears company closing (I know there are other stores and factory closing which will have the same type of liquidations, but this one is close to where I live). They got nothing and like it. Bigwigs ate taking home million dollar bonuses. There is something wrong about this, and it needs to be mentioned. Whatever happened to Fair?

In any event, may this Christmas be light and bright, and the holidays’ festivities happy and fun. Reach out to those who won’t be feeling it.

Until next time. Namaste!!

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