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Unknown but famous

“Siempre estoy haciendo cosas que no sé hacer, de manera que tengo que aprender cómo hacerlo.” “I am always doing that which I can’t in order that I may learn how to do it” said Pablo Picasso and I am sure that Rafael Zabaleta would concur. 😉

Every week, I must rack my brain as to which painter I will feature in my column (sometimes, I can’t choose, so I feature two or three at a time) and to tell you the truth, the choice is usually made depending on what I am painting that week. Ok, sometimes, on what I have read or heard …. Often though, I seem to retreat to my favorite genres. Impressionism, expressionism, a bit of cubism (the art I have great difficulty understanding but somehow love …)

Rafael Zabaleta - WikiArt Fair Use

This time, It will all be about Rafael Zabaleta, a great representative of post-cubism greatly influenced by Picasso.

As I mentioned last week, writing, organizing, marketing (yes one needs the unfortunate thing called marketing to make a website/blog work … and it’s not my favorite thing to do, but alas, it is necessary) takes time and effort. I cannot stress enough that I LOVE “likes” and appreciate all the “shares,” but that I would truly like to see a bit more interaction (comments are –oh so much – welcomed. 😊)

Over time, I have noticed an accrued interest for all things environmental and art. No complaints from me as they truly are my favorite subjects anyway. The fact I throw in a few “more personal ones” here and there is just that I want to share something I undertook (hmmm …) Nah ... the truth more being in the area that I lacked the necessary research to tackle the usual topics for that week. It takes time, effort and stamina. And sometimes, I don’t have either, which leads me to ramble away about this or that … Hopefully, you do retain something out of it. Again, comments and ideas are encouraged. Always.

Getting to the point (about time … )

Nino con pollo - WikiArt Fair Use

The focus this week is Rafael Zabaleta, a lesser known Spanish artist, born in Quesada, Jaen in 1907 as the son of a well-off family, admirer, and amigo of Picasso. (whom he met during one of his