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Wellness: a more natural and holistic approach …

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The trouble with writing is to find the subject that is most likely to be read. Because, yes, we like it that people read our stuff. We like it even better when people take the time to like, follow, and of course comment. While all this may seem to some as an easy feat, it really isn’t. It takes effort, commitment, and time. But be it as it is, being able to do what I love to do at this stage of my life is just fantastic. To all of you who follow my comings, goings, and doings, Thank You! I would not be able to do this without you. It will only get better.

Now, to other tidings and with all the healthcare talks being around all the time I wanted to present another view, no an additional and less talked about way of managing and dealing with health, good and bad. Websites that let you “take control of your health are sprouting like weeds. In a recent article I read today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that 75 percent of our healthcare spending goes towards the treatment of conditions that could be prevented. ₁ I agree. It all starts with believing that a healthy mind functions best in a healthy body. Naysayers will argue but … it all starts with you and you knowing your body and understanding the importance of listening to what your body tells you. And using common sense, that speaks for itself. Because 75% … that’s a lot of people receiving treatments.

If you are one of those fortunate people who visit their doctor once a year, you must be doing something right. A most important rule to follow deals with food. Dump the processed stuff (but indulge yourself once in a while … you do not want to start cravings) and use only clean, organic, fresh foods, while avoiding refined sugars, bad fats and portion your food. …Bla Bla Bla … now I sound like any other magazine writer 😉 which is not what I had in mind.