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What’s Up, Africa? …a continuing journey

Africa is a verifiably genuinely fascinating continent, and with Leyna residing there for 9 months, I am discovering it with you, one step at a time. There is so much to talk about. Today, I’d like to share with you a little piece of Leyna’s blog where she talks about the fisheries (which of course are a big part of her research in ocean conservancy) and how its sector is valuable and essential as it is related to employment, livelihood support, poverty reduction, food security₁.

These are her words.

14 September 2018. I have been spending almost every morning in Winneba on the fishing beach. It is very different than other parts of Winneba. Here, most people speak Efutu and/or Fante. Almost everyone’s livelihoods are tied to fishing in this community. The Fishing companies employ fishermen, boat owners, carpenters, painters, as well as women who buy the fish and sell it at the market. As I am watching people on the beach, it is quite lovely to see how people help each other in their daily tasks.