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When a Fascist, Pretending not to be a Fascist, is acting like one

When some fascist rises to power by convincing a powerful 1/3 of the population that he is the only one capable to “save” them from everybody and everything, who then manages to dismantle many of our democratically well-established programs and does such without much ado, it should be obvious that we have a problem.

When that same fascist turns out to be a racist and a bigot but gets away with it because people “of all colors” are working for him. And when the fascist pretends to be a “holier than thou” Christian (he never went to church on a regular basis, misquotes the Bible often, two divorces, supports domestic abusers (defends them and actually wishes them well), he throws out more lies than one can remember, defrauds others, and there are so many, many more things …. ) I say, Houston, we have a problem.

And when this same man, whose ego is bigger than a sphinx, quite equal to that of another power monster, orders that a “Grand Military Parade” be set up –to honor the military (Yeah Right)—then orders medium nuclear weapons to be built and stockpiled (you know – much like the ones that took out Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of WWII) … I say, again, Houston we have a problem. A major problem.