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When in Doubt …

I woke up this morning with a major headache. On those days (I call ‘em the headache days .... huhuhu) annoying things always happen. It is like the precursor of something not yet defined. I’m sure y’all have dealt with similar feelings at some point in your lives. It did today. And when it happened, as by chance, the headache disappeared. Stress can bring on strange ailments. Just like that. Just because. Like a subconscious warning … I must admit that, compared to many, my life is relatively easy. Even with all its intricacies and annoyances. (And while there have been many “ups,” there have been at least as many “downs.” We managed and hopped on.) My point is that we all need to jump over humps and move forward. Nothing justifies being stuck in what has become the past. What is done is done and cannot be undone. (unless you have a time machine of course, and then …the opportunities are limitless …) No matter what, when life serves you lemons, you must not wallop in self-pity and sorrow; instead, you must make lemonade. You stand up and try something else. Life really is too short to not live and enjoy (yes enjoy even if it seems impossible to do) to the fullest. Even at it’s lowest or hardest point.

This holiday season I’d like to focus on celebrating with as little waste as possible using recyclable materials as much as possible. With us moving at the end of December (I’ll let y’all know if it changes again 😉) I really did not want to take out the Christmas tree and decorate the house as I usually do. (which is, I admit, very little … compared to others). But Christmas without a tree is not really Christmas.

So, I got us one. A tiny one. A reusable one. Remember, paper (unless the recycled kind) requires trees to be made, plastic pollutes oceans, yadda yadda yadda. This year I'd like to focus to gift things in tune with the protection and the conservation of the planet. Natural, organic items, given with the heart and not with the wallet. I intend to keep my consumerism at its lowest and I hope that you will join me in this effort. Again, a little goes a long way. Because, with all the troubles in the world, it is the right thing to do. Though I do not endorse any specific store, site, or artisan, I would like to share with you one of my favorite websites for gifts and gift ideas. Not only do they have fantastic things, every item you purchase impacts the community and the life of its maker. Check it out for yourselves at

Or check out our amazing Lew Squared Tees on

Ballerina Lost Wax Statue Handmade Burkina Faso

For the local yokels 😉 of my state (the great state of Florida) I highly recommend a visit to Two Views of the World (Ventana al mundo and Elements of Paradise) in historic Cocoa Village (They, unfortunately have no website though they can be found on FaceBook @ Two Views of the World) and my very favorite oils and condiments shoppe From Olives and Grapes @ Again, These are not official endorsements (eg paid or other) than me liking their shoppes and sites. They are just worth a visit. Besides, the shoppes are located in Historic Cocoa Village and that alone warrants a visit. Really!!

Handcarved Owl in Ebony

Instead of using wrapping paper, use reusable gift bags. Urge your family and friends to use those forwards. They are an original way and fun way of gift-giving. Buy things people can really use. Buy things that actually help the people who made the thing. Fair Trade buying is a great way to help commerce all the while helping people. But the importance of buying and gifting well resides in the results, the feel-good feeling and the good it does in the end for mother earth.

Tagua Nut Jewelry - Available @Two Views of the World in Cocoa, Florida

When in doubt, look for the recyclable mark on the items, buy local and not in bulk, look for the Fair-Trade mark. Or just make something from something yourself. Gifting is all about love. It should never be about glamour.

Happy shopping, wrapping, and gifting. Until next time. Namaste.

Landscape on a tile - Framed - Hand Painted - Avalaible @ReflectionsAndStuff on #ChristmasShopping #FairTrade #HolidaySpirit

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